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New introduction course to Irish "Asking Questions" (turn on captions)

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In the above video, the teacher demonstrates a new app for learners of Irish.

It would be great to see Irish and other Celtic languages on Duolingo some day but I think it's going to involve a lot of work to fit them in to Duolingo's current curriculum.

I'm currently doing the Spanish and French tree, and I have often wondered how the curriculum could translate into Irish. It seems there may have to be an overhaul of the tree to cater for it.

Any other Irish speakers here? I'd love to get involved in the Incubator for Irish but I can't see it happening for another couple of years.

Beir bua

4 years ago



Hi liamog! I myself am not an Irish speaker, but it would definitely be fun to learn! If you are an Irish speaker then you should definitely contribute in the Incubator! I love it when new languages come out because then I can be ready for the reverse course! Waiting! :)

4 years ago