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"Μου αρέσει το αντίθετο μοντέλο."

Translation:I like the opposite model.

February 6, 2017



I can hear 'antithesis' in αντίθετο


Have you tried "I like the antithetical model" ? Maybe this was in the Philosophy section, I can't remember now…


I hear αντίθητο.


I was marked wrong for 'I like to model opposite' - surely exactly the same meaning (except slightly more idiomatic English)


I guess you meant to write "I like the model opposite". If the meaning is like "over the other side of the room" then I reckon you have to say "the model opposite".

"The opposite model" can only mean "the totally different model", surely?

I don't know which meaning the Greek has. Maybe both. Anyone care to enlighten us?


No answer yet to this question. As a native English speaker I have no idea what "the opposite model" is intended to mean. It is a google translate of some Greek expression, or maybe someone just looked up a word in a dictionary. Move on in my Greek by remembering your answers but it would be better if you had the correct English idiom .


Yes, it's a pity we can't get points like this cleared up - they seem to hang around unresolved, getting repeated and repeated, for many months if not years.

Can't really complain, as we depend on the goodwill of generous contributors for what is, after all, a free service, but wouldn't it be nice if we could flag this sort of thing up more effectively?


This phrase is as puzzling in Greek as it is in English. I can only take it to mean a completely different model but still it's not something I would choose to say personaly (native speaker).

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