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Real world translation and the locked lessons after that

I don’t understand how this works... I've translated quite a bit, but I usually start from the translations page and pick what I like. Even though I have a lot of points based on doing that, I still have these "roadblocks" in my lessons that prevent me from looking at the following lessons... At least I assume these locks are place holders for additional lessons... If not, what are they?

In some of the lessons (very few), I do have a check mark on one translation, but there is another translation standing between the one marked and the locks. I'm not sure how or why I got those check marks, though. Could it be because I started from that location...? I don't think this should matter... Could that be the reason?

Anyway, if somebody feels like throwing some light on the issues above, I'd greatly appreciate it.

February 21, 2013



If you want to "master" a lesson, you should select real-world translations from that lesson and not from the general Translations section.

In one of the previous versions of Duolingo you could get poinst for a specific unit if you translate something related to it, regardless of whether you chose that translation yourself or picked it up from the lesson. That was better...


I kind of suspected that. Thank you, Olimo. Mastering does not matter to me, but I do want to get to the additional lessons.

It doesn't make sense to me, though, because it's the same work essentially, regardless of where you start. Also, nobody benefits from random translated sentences here and there... For the most part, I prefer to pick a text I'm somewhat interested in that's ideally new and pristine, and start from the beginning. Some things become clear later in the context and then you can go back and correct yourself. Translating random sentences in the middle of a text is not advantageous either to us or to Duolingo's bottom line as it lowers the quality big time.


Olimo, I just tested your advice and it worked! That's very unfortunate, though. I just don't want to land in the middle of some text... I guess you can keep picking until you like something, but I just fail to see any sound reasoning behind changing the software in this direction... I only kind of regret the time and effort I wasted on so many other sentences before you confirmed my suspicion. Anyway, c'est la vie... It's their toy, so they can play with it as they see fit.;-)

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