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"Ela veste um vestido laranja."

Translation:She wears an orange dress.

March 4, 2014



Why doesn't the gender of the adjective agree with the gender of the object? Wouldn't it be "vestido laranjo"? For that matter, I think it's odd that the word for "dress" is masculine.


Some oranges are common, they work for both masculine and feminine genders.


Because colors do not have gender. "laranja will always be laranja"


that is not correct. some colors have gender. "A camisa vermelha" "o saco vermelho". Other colors that do have gender: amarelo(a), roxo(a), branco(a), preto(a)

the colors that do not have gender are those colors that derive their name from other sources, like "laranja" comes from the fruit (orange), cinza (gray) comes from cinzas (ashes), rosa (pink) comes from the flower, and so on. Some others who do not (as far as i know) come from other words but also don't have gender: azul, verde, marrom.

It's tough i know


laranja is the name of the color because of the fruit, and because of that it doesnt have a gender quality when it is used as a color. It's as saying "this is (the color of the) orange (fruit)"


How Would you say 'Vestido anaranjado' (Spanish)?


Vestido alaranjado.


In this case wouldn't you actually use "laranjado" instead of "laranja" so this should read: Ela veste um vestido laranjado. No? For instance I could ask you what the color of your dress is, and that color is "orange" ("laranja"). But if I were to point out the color of someone's dress, I would say that her "dress is the color orange" ("laranjado"). The subtle difference between the two being that the former refers to the pure color orange, while the latter characterizes the dress to have the color orange, hence "laranjado."


You can use alaranjado, laranja or cor de laranja


Also could i say "ela veste um vestido do laranja"? Or "...de laranja"?


No. You shouldn't add a preposition here.


I put 'She dresses an orange dress' and marked me as wrong


When do you use veste vs usa?

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