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  5. The word popups don't go away


The word popups don't go away

On the vocabulary page, when hovering over words, the popup appears but when I move the mouse away, it lingers.

Firefox says:

Error: TypeError: this.settings.callback is undefined Source file: https://d7mj4aqfscim2.cloudfront.net/js/5171229e8c2d4fcce1d6253057247c8d_mv_.min.js Line: 129

February 21, 2013



The problem has been fixed. Thanks for your feedback!

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Which popup are you seeing? When I go to my vocab page I don't get a popup over the words. Can you send a screenshot to bren@duolingo.com?


I can send you one with the Feedback button on the left. I'm talking about the span elements with css classes "hint-table popover left"


Thanks. This is indeed a bug and we're looking into it.

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