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"The name of the cinema is Michael."

Translation:Numele cinematografului este Mihai.

February 6, 2017



It still makes no sense three weeks later...


"What a lovely plant! What's it called?" "Fred.

It was funny in the movie because she was expecting a name like diffenbachia or dumbcane or something. A cinema name like Odeon or Bijou or Multiplex 24 would seem more usual to me, but naming a building Mihai or Trump is a matter of taste, not reason. (I wondered if Mihai was the name of a cinematographer but no, it's a movie theater.)


In Romania stuff is always named after people. Hence a cinema named Mihai isn't something out of the ordinary - probably Mihai Viteazu or something similar


This makes no sense to me...


Cinemaului nu e corect cinematografului e forma corecta


They mean "The name of the videographer is Michael"

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