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  5. "Αγαπάω να περπατώ."

"Αγαπάω να περπατώ."

Translation:I love to walk.

February 6, 2017



What is the difference between "περπατώ" and from a previous sentence "περπατήσω" ?

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I suppose you refer to this sentence ""Θέλω να περπατήσω." "https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22425852).

περπατώ is a continuous form used in the present tense and the future continuous and continuous present subjunctive:
περπατώ (I walk/ I am walking)
θα περπατώ (I will be walking)
θέλω να περπατώ (I want to be walking)

περπατήσω is the non-continuous form used in the simple future tense and the non continuous subjunctive:
εγώ θα περπατήσω (I will walk)
εγώ θέλω να περπατήσω (I want to walk)

Wiktionary often has conjugation tables. Here is the one for περπατώ.


Μου αρέσει να περπατώ or περπατάω is more usual. But not wrong of course.


I wrote περπατάω but it was marked incorrect. Isn't περπατάω an accepted alternate spelling for περπατώ? Just like αγαπώ and αγαπάω.


It must be correct. I've reported it


Just curious. "spoon" was an option on mine, though obviously we learned it as a noun. Is there a Greek verb for "spooning", like cuddling?


I don't think there's a single word for that in Greek.

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