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  5. "The mother has a glove."

"The mother has a glove."

Translation:Người mẹ có một cái găng tay.

February 6, 2017



Mẹ có một cái găng tay should be acceptable?


I believe if you just say Mẹ, you are referring to your own mother, as opposed to "The mother."


I don't get why môt and cai are both used here when in other cases it has been one or the other


mot is used within the lessons to identify a singular. 1 of something. in this case "a"

cai is the classifier to determine that it is an object. remember the lesson about cai vs con and ngoui?

mot cai gang tai = a singular non-living glove.


Even this far in and I'm still confused about this. Other times the comments said it was to reduce confusion and I accepted that but here, it's a glove. Everyone knows what a glove is and there's no other thing it could be so why does it need a classifier?


Again, why has there to be a classificator. Can't you just ignore the article from the english sentence? Or add an "this" or "that"? Is this only used, if you talk to someone and mention a third person? Kind regards.


Bà translates to older woman or grandmother.


Dude, what’s BA!? Above it says Nguoi is acceptable


Ba usually refers to a grandmother, or an older woman.

[deactivated user]

    Mẹ có một cái găng tay là được rồi, thế mà nó bắt tận người mẹ có một cái găng tay máy móc thế thì sửa lại đi nhanh lên


    Khi bạn chỉ nói "mẹ" trong dạng câu này, điều đó có nghĩa bạn đang nói về mẹ của bạn. Bài tập này chỉ đang nói về một người mẹ nào đó, không phải mẹ của người nói.

    When you use "mẹ" (mom), it means you are referring your own mother. But in this exercise, we are referring someone's mother.

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