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100days streak in Portuguese/English, personal 240XP day success, Memrise Membrain 1.000.000 points

Hey all,

I received two PNs / replies in other threads from you about my 100XP streak. Thanks Liam and C.? (this girl from London I can not find the notification / thread anymore in my activity stream or e-mails, sorry).
You pushed me to do this :-)

Despite my trouble with losing many many XP's with the Android app on Bluestacks the past days in this thread https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20610216 (losing 9 offline lessons for two skills over and over again, 2x 2+2 offline lessons the next days on new offline lesson retrys)....it's all about good repetition.....
.....I thought it may be cool to jump in and write about my first reached (global) 100 days streak on DuoLingo.

I also reached my (very first) record of 240XP per day on Web on Monday for the English-German reverse tree and 11 skills while trying to supporting this strengthening thread (global strengthening button limited to only one skill most of the times): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20717654$comment_id=20735196
On Memrise and all it's parallel courses (including DuoLingo PT) I managed to upgrade to rank Membrain with >1.000.000 points.

Native German thread "Ein erster Schritt zum Sprachenlernen, aber ein Großer für die Motivation" (lot's of "insider Memrise" script usage tips): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19892868

My Memrise Portuguese BR Basic course is not yet finished completely...the two dedicated verb levels still have to be mastered (and they already throw some tenses and "might/may/should/must" stuff into in the beginning, which is even more difficult to remember/recall).

One really sad moment of mine:
I lost my Memrise 85 days course streak once (never ever get asleep on your couch!)...my global profile 85 days badget freezed and I can not continue it for the moment :(
I do really miss Duo's "streak freeze" feature!!

And now of course I can't wait to learn the rest of ~90-100 words in no time to finish this Basic PT course quite soon...I don't want to waste any more time with it.

Last but not least this was my special thread ~2 weeks ago:
"What to change / optimize in my Portuguese learning process. Shall I switch to Spanish?": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20450828

No, I have not given up already....

Yeah, Mat is quite hard to beat with his many language trees...240XP / day seems to be nothing for him ;)
Hello Aanaaaa, I have an eye on you as well ;)

Even for the EN-DE reverse tree I am far more down the tree than with Portuguese, which I have to learn from scratch with no prior knowledge in any Romance language.
My DE-EN course even tops that (89% finished), which I probably could finish much sooner - well, if I would not eagerly fight to learn Portuguese.
Having to strengthen 11 skills with 21 exercises and practicing those really not that "too easy" sentence translations (including some indirect EN phrasing / word translations - which I hardly used), which already get's my English stucking a bit (which I have been learning forever), this thought shot quickly into my mind:

How the heck shall I ever successfully manage to do that to complete (including PT recall) the more difficult (and longer) sentences translations middle-to-down the tree in Portuguese or other languages like Spanish / French....Swedish in the near future? :-)

Or doing reverse trees PT-EN/PT-DE, which I have already started (but did not continue) for spaced repetition reviews.

We should not even think about those laddering courses Portuguese <-> Spanish and French for this year :)

I am glad to have found DuoLingo and your community...

Will hopefully let you know what other resources I found and choose for the more active speaking parts (besides Mondly and other already listed resources)...

Have a good week!

BTW: As I am not a native English speaker I would be glad if you PN me severe single errors you maybe find in this or my other linked articles here (not all errors in them ;))....Thanks!


February 7, 2017



also congrats on 101 DAYS THATS AMAZING SOMEBODY NEEDS TO SAY IT ALREADY!!!! Im trying for 365 days and I have already had like 2 days where I forgot and the streak freeze had to be used so it pushed me back a day in terms of finish date. Any tips for long streaks and learning languages?


Looks like you are already doing great :-)

Personally I was using the web setting goal "1XP" for a longer time, so my streak does not reset on those days, where I have not the mood to complete 1-x new skills.

This is not that easy with the more later Android app versions, as after a completed lesson they are going to ask you, if you want to increase your goal goal: 10, 20, 30, 50XP (there is no 1XP setting); and this dialog which clearly misses the SKIP button, simply touches and overwrites the old settings (1XP).

For reviews I have been very much relying on Memrise already.


Does anyone of you know how many (max) words are in the EN-PT course (when you learn lesson by lesson and starting from zero)?

My DuoLingo PT course progress (user script) shows 24% is completed, 101 / 406 lessons.

Have there been 2.0/3.0 tree updates to DuoLingo Portuguese course?
The Memrise DuoLingo PT course shows currently: 544 / 1808 learned words (544 long-term).
MartinPen has not taken over every single word. Too bad it is difficult to update it or contact him.

So that is good news, that I have passed almost 1/3 :-)



There hasn't been an update to Portuguese since at least last July.



Hi Adam,

funny, I stumbled once again across my old thread :-)

Yeah, finally our updated EN-PT tree (A/B test) is there since June 2018: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27497456/The-new-Portuguese-Tree-is-under-Test-D-D-D

It was great fun for me to re-complete several old/converted non-golden skills (25-75% strength).

How are you doing?

Viele Grüße


Doin' well. Doin' well. Got my Golden owl back for Portuguese and then labored away to have it back on Duome as well (before they changed the algorithm to realign it with Duolingo's as far as golden owl attainment).


"The content of duolingo courses. A ''short'' summary." https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17443899


Linking thread "Current vocabulary sizes of most courses in Duolingo" (script analysis by FieryCat): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24527279


Good news!

I finally figured out, how to skip (22) not so important skills (to me) in a DuoLingo tree at 29% progress mark (saw a tip in a thread recently) and focus on the next/random 21 more/most important grammar (verb tense) skills first without having to go skill by skill down in my tree ;)

Hopefully, with these 21 more difficult / advanced skills, combined with Mondly Grammar 1-3 modules (and 1-2 books), I finally get the relevant Portuguse language boost, which I was looking for (putting speaking aside) here and my other Portuguese/Spanish thread above.

I guess it might help me to save time NOT having to learn the other 22 skills x ~10 lessons x 7 words = ~1.470 words first in a fixed tree order.....and for my own motivation.
I can also concentrate on the above 21 grammar skills on Memrise PT BR levels in parallel).
I will see if the skills / lessons more down the tree (1/2, 3/4,...) will heavily depend on the other 21 previous skill vocabulary in excercises, if these words have not been learned first....just want to give it a try...


Some update on my language learning:

Started it on DuoLingo, followed by 50languages.com (which includes native recorded MP3), added Memrise DuoLingo PT, Memrise PT Basic BR, Memrise PT BR 1,2,3,...5,...

Lately I have passed the Memrise 3 million points mark, gained Memonist status and "learned" roughly (probably including some doubles/triples because of multiple PT courses) 3.246 words.

Most verbs from Memrise "DuoLingo Portuguese" course are there in their basic form, without (person) conjunctions where DuoLingo itself almost seems to teach only the conjugated form of verbs (very rarely the infinitive forms). So they both add well together in each their way...

With all the user scripts I was and am using, I feel I have the chance to read and write/translate (recall all those PT words/phrases/sentences, NOT only remembering the PT words and choosing it's EN translation from multiple-choice) some (easy) Portuguese.
I truly believe that Memrise and it's SR (including shorter 4-5h/12h/24h++) intervals helped me to better learn and long-term remember some elementary PT vocabulary for those many weeks, where for some reasons I can not kick myself to regularly review on DuoLingo those learned skills (probably because on Duo you will not be able to focus on the latest learned / weak words and you have to translate IMHO too much silly crap, including many words from the early beginning of the tree).

The whole spaced repetition (SR) thing is a new one for me....

The offical Memrise PT1-7 courses (see their blog announcement about hacking + sentence translation courses) include some more advanced sentences as 50languages.com (native MP3 recorded, not TTS) actually do.

50Languages.com (100 days course):
I stopped this Memrise course (which is unfortunately not divided into sub-levels like the recorded MP3s) for a while after learning initially about 100 words on the Memrise user-created course even I am through 2-3x times with that course listening to the MP3 on walk outdoors.
But now with the Memrise TTS Audio-Provider user script I could re-start/continue that course even not all audio has been added to it by the author.

For the moment I am way more ahead on Memrise "DuoLingo PT BR" with the levels (=skills) as I am through with my DuoLingo tree by itself, so I would really have to earn some XPs per day/week to get some progression.

Somehow it was probably a little bit more fun for me to get those (shorter) Memrise courses PT1/2/3/4 finished, start PT5 and let DuoLingo "rest" for learning a while, dunno why :-)

Maybe it's the Memrise course dashboard, grasping for points, etc. or the knowledge that Memrise compares their offical courses PT1-3 for A1, PT4-5 for A2 and PT6-7 for B1??!?

I even found some phrasebook and hacking courses for Portuguese and Spanish on Memrise.
One Phrasebook (200 words + sentences) is not yet on Memrise, but the author mentioned the PDF book was created as an AnkiSRS shared deck.
My plan was to ask if it is still available, to be able to re-learn that 200 words and see those words used in multiple nice sentences (context).

This includes an added Spanish user-created course on Memrise from Benny Lewis "Language hacking Spanish".
This also includes a view user-created courses (some chapters) for the "Oi Brazil" book and 1-2 grammar/collequial books found on Memrise, which I have not started yet.

I am not absolutely sure on that, but probably I may have quit before as my 2nd DuoLingo "skip some PT skills" / "try to focus more on grammar skills" was not working out as hoped, because of skill tree programming / design flaws, if I had not taking initially the Memrise route.

For the full update, including answering some questions to another user in another thread, you can read in my "What to change / optimize in my Portuguese language learning process" thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20450828$comment_id=23172254


In English: Mondly languages added 19 new topics to their tree: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23524002

In (native) German: "Mondly Languages" hat 19 neue Themen zu Ihrem Baum hinzugefügt und ist für viele DE Ausgangssprachen verfügbar: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23527077


Linking threads (already linked in my other "What to change / optimize in my Portuguese learning process" thread):


Quote Usagiboy7:
There is the reverse course.
I am always curious if people plan to do reverse and ladder trees
Source: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29156220$comment_id=29165506

As you probably all know it, and it IMHO still applies to the "crown update" in 2018 very well:

Starting a course from French/Spanish/Portuguese/German on the web portal = writing / translating into French/Spanish/Portuguese/German (on the right hand side) on a higher (better) ratio even on lower crown L0-L2 (L3) levels

(My) Tips and audio tricks for reverse and laddering trees

How do you do a reverse tree / The reverse tree helps - how to be able to listen to the target language audio:
- https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29266026$comment_id=29267079
- https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29262469$comment_id=29266698


Quote Spiceyokooko: He said he did 70 hours of practice
Source: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29854685$comment_id=29857075

Quote TonyElPescador:
It also says nothing if he went through the tree at Crown Level 1....
I would surmise the former that he stayed at Level 1 which, IMO, is BS.
Source: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29854685$comment_id=29857275

This is my text from the thread "Letter to David Freedman / The Atlantic / Essay: Duolingo" https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29854685$comment_id=29858939

I can not exactly agree on this point.

I will give you an example how I learned the (some) Portuguese basics, totally from scratch (no previous Spanish skills, no Romance native speaker but German, so there was a ZERO benefit):

  • I completed my EN->PT tree in November 2017 after one year.

  • The first 3-4 months (exactly at that point I started to wonder) have been horrible and I finally noticed at the point that I will go nowhere for the speaking part and learning some useful phrases / seeing interesting sentences quite early in my course
    (there are so many abstract / non-usable skills like "Animals" & more, which I will rarely use in conversations; I also did not like Food skills at this (very) early stage!)

  • In April 2018 I was switched to crowns and some (not many) skills from the first half of my tree were migrated to crown level L2 max ("crown simple" instead of the more interesting "complex conversion rule" which took crown L3 level also for other users intro consideration when migrating trees).

  • Well, at least I had seen the FULL tree (=all of 69 and with the update 91 skills).

  • But I had done so MANY re-strengthen review sessions on the www.Duolingo.com web portal - and on Memrise (web) in parallel (typing, true L1->L2 RECALLS) - that you can not really rate this as any too fast binge learning "level 1 / first tree completition BS" which usually comes with the "mobile tapping apps" into play....I took my time (one year!).

Anyway, my impression was that staff's crown conversion code had somehow failed for the first 40-60% part of my tree as I had reviewed so MANY skills on a daily / weekly basis multiple times over and over again.

No, within my first year and even 6-12 months later I have not reviewed the more difficult verb tense / grammar skills (e.g Subjunctives) from the bottom of the tree on a weekly basis....I definitely should have but Duolingo does not assist me on that quite much....

FYI: I had shifted my SR focus to Memrise for the bottom "vocabulary skills" which words I actually had pre-learned for multiple weeks when I finally finished those skills on Duolingo which turned out to have been a great learning concept to push forward with the tree completion but not having a too hard time with the recalling and typing on the web portal.


Talking about skill completion vs crowns L1 bu..s..t:

This "BS" may fit better, when people go directly from L1->L5 for each single skill, with almost no appropriate spacing, without ever pushing forward in their skill tree and when those learners never try to get / see the big picture of all grammar (might be different for languages like Irish, Welsh, Russian, Czech,...).

Nowadays people reach their language level 25 @ 30,000XP with all that L1->L5 crown stuff (incl. test-outs) and they have not even completed their full tree!

Like your example where you say that this would map roughly to 15-20% total tree progress after several months.


I have to admit that the Portuguese course provides very good html formatted "tips and notes".

In June 2018 the EN->PT tree got an update from 69 skills (406 lessons) to 91 skills and I have re-completed several of the converted skills (some with the old "lesson test-out", some with L0 crown sessions = sequential lessons).
There are 72-74 grammar notes available on the web portal / Duome.eu which really is just great!

Newly added Portuguese skills are reorganizations of grammar skills and splitting the previous grammar skills.
Actually there are dedicated grammar skills, no vocabulary skill c..p like EN->SP or French tree8+12 because the tree layout design (like French tree3) is superb!

If you want to learn a language, you can not only stick to the first skills and level them all up to the highest L5 level (yes, it will depend on the language, but the spaced repetition is most likely the problem with that approach), but you also have to learn things like Subjunctives (there are four Subj. skills in the PT course!), conditionals, modals, present perfect, 2x future, etc.

New staff courses (long trees with 119/156 skills) like French tree8+12 even fail to add the former 26+ dedicated grammar skills (Subjunctive Past, Future,...) from the very well made contributor tree3 which discovers a broader range.

Proper spaced repetition (SR) and daily/weekly reviews, where Duolingo almost completely fails for the RECALLING part (where Memrise web succeeds with Cooljingle's "all typing" Tampermonkey userscript), is IMHO much more important in the first 6-12 months.


Isn't Duo's highest L5 crown level PRACTICE button and code broken anyways (giving easy low crown exercises, pictures, short sentences, etc.)?!?
That seems to be also the case for the L4 lessons/crown sessions (miss of high ratio of L1->L2 target translation directions, still using picture exercises, "fill the word into the blank" challenges with 1-4 multiple-choice selections) for my first four Portuguese skills!!

No Duolingo, with all that kiddie stuff this is not how you are going to push a serious learner into their target language, force learners into writing/typing, RECALLING and building more complex sentences!

Thankfully it is getting better here after two years and the Portuguese->German reverse tree is just great.

For some reason I magically still can't test out most checkpoints and all 91 skills of my EN->PT course with the into placement test on the web as I stumble here and there across challenging sentences...so there still is plenty of material given even after two years ;)

Thankfully Duolingo is not getting too boring after 1-2 years with all the reactivated sentences which have been previously suspended 3-4+ years or even 5-6 years ago (high user error rates because of difficulty).

But it takes many more hours than only 70h or 3-4 months to get to the point where you will actually recognize that Duolingo brings also up also brings up some useful sentences to learn (which is especially true for my PT->DE reverse tree!).

Recently I am stumbling across more and more new interesting sentences (no sentence discussion comments started) in my EN->PT course...it looks like to me that contributors are adding more...and they have not been put together randomly with words by a robot.

I am very thankful to the contributors of the two Portuguese trees for all their massive work they have put into and I have heard that there even is a new A/B tree for the PT->EN course rolled out (108 skills) which I can get in a "private browser window (no activity tracking)" to play around with the intro placement and checkpoint/skill tests".

My 2cents

Best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


I am pretty sure it is spelled losing, not loosing.


Thanks, fixed it.

Maybe this "huge" (cough) Portuguese 1.130 (Memrise) "words" (incl. sentence/phrase) memory did some English brainwashing to me, Haha! :)

I remember I had found "loose vs lose" in one of DuoLingo's sentence discussions, as I did it wrong there.
As you can see I seem to have not learned much from reviewing it as I have not quickly written it down on paper.

Need to get a good empty vocabulary/grammar pocketbook.
Are there better special ones?

Well, reading is one thing - remembering and even RECALLING is another thing....especially if you may have been doing it wrong for a longer time.


WHen you get to a 1000 day streak, join the 1000 day streak club. Good job! :)


Streak Hall of Fame (SHoF) starts at 365days+, nice: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20702780

I better link it right now in my thread, before I can not find this anymore a later time:-)


Wow, I finally have reached a 300 days++ streak.

I am applying now for SHoF :-)


Wow. that's amazing 240 xp a day. I do so little......


Hi Lizzy,

I admit: The Android app tapping exercises are much easier to do (to make lot's of XP) than the web.

As I had posted about the 240XP / day in this thread I only used the web (240XP were from strengthen excercises on the DuoLingo web).

But I can see it when I use the mobile Android app for learning new skills from time to time on Bluestacks (Android emulator), I can really quickly fight through those skills, including grammar, which have been there untouched for a longer time.

So maybe the best concept for completing NEW skills is to use a mixture of both....


Awesome, congrats!



I received a friend request lately from you.
Sorry that I could not accept or write any PN to you.

Your user profile is quite anonym, e.g you list not any details nor do you use a real photo of you (I really hate those unreal/comic style pictures which so many users are using).

I also do not like Duo's way of following / handling friend requests without asking me for permission first.

Maybe I see better chances for this in the future....


"(Late) Celebration of 600 days streak, finished Portuguese tree two times, personal background about me": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28094594


Endlich habe ich es geschafft, jippie.

Seit heute bin ich endlich SHOF Duome.eu Silber-Mitglied mit 730 Tagen :-)
Wünsche allen die hier mitlesen ein schönes Wochenende.

I made it, yeah.
Since today I'm finally a SHOF Duome.eu silver member with 730 days :-)
What a looong learning trip!
Have a happy weekend whoever is still subscribed to my thread and may be reading this.



I have posted this comment into these two Quarantine threads:

Did you know that you can fly RC micro/nano quadcopters indoors in your living room?

One of the (original) tiny quads is called "Blade Inductrix" (or Inductrix Switch) and is made by the company HorizonHobby; it is BNF which means that you do not have to assemble first the quad or program the flight controller (FC) internally, only setup your RC transmitter; and you can fly it with any radio which supports the Spektrum DSMx (or DSM2) protocol.

I wrote a longer article in my native German language about some characteristics and published it here: http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showthread.php/719105-Inductrix-BLH8700-BLH8780-(Blade-rote-blaue-Haube)-Flugerfahrungsbericht


Other TinyWhoop quads for indoors (brushed) or outdoors (brushless) are available from several Chinese vendors like www.BetaFPV.com, www.boldclash.com and many more and you can also flash selected Chinese quad boards with a different firmware (Silverware, NFE) manually.

For example:
The Boldclash B03 (brushed) has an altitude barometer for true beginners who have no idea how to fly and is (only) auto level whereas the throttle stick is spring loaded (self-centering); the B03-Pro (brushed) quad and transmitter allows to fully control the throttle from 0-100% manually (no altitude, no barometer).
However, the Boldclash B03 socket for the lipo at the bottom of the board (instead of making it pluggable with a cable at the back) is IMHO not really ideal, to be honest.

As you can imagine:
These are more beginner brushed quads but you can also have a true acro/agility mode when you reflash the firmware on the board and replace it with Silverware/NFE (for experts only!).
You just need to have a multiprotocol RC transmitter which supports the Bayang protocol as "full" RC radios are bigger and have the better sticks so you have better control over the quad; same is true for other quad boards.

BTW: The name Whoop comes from that some of the small quads are made for FPV and have a CAM and video transmitter (VTX) on board so you can use goggles.
Some people in the world race their quads in their house across several floors and rooms or through special LED rings/obstacles ;)


The better micro quad boards and intermediate quads allow you to use different flight modes where:

  • A) one is stability (with or without altitude hold / barometer) and the others are
  • B) acro/agility/rate mode
  • C) and some controllers (BetaFlight, RaceFlight,...) even have flight modes more like Angle, Horizon or
  • D) support additional features like "Flip over after crash", Anti-Gravity, Airmode,...

With that true acro/agility mode you can fly the micro/nano quad (almost) "like a collective pitch (CP) heli" which is great fun.

I have written a little bit more about getting started with RC simulator training on your computer and collective pitch (CP) helicopters in this comment: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37074079?comment_id=37084336

Because the (1s) lipos are swappable you can charge 4-6 lipos in parallel and fly the quad repeatingly for several minutes after some short break (to let the brushed motors cool down).

Hope this information helps someone of you to get started with this great RC hobby.

Stay healthy!

Best regards

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