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Lost my streak because of Error 500 :(

Ugh! I was rushing to finish a lesson before midnight, and noticed that the site was running a bit slow and not really refreshing properly, but didn't think much of it. I finished the lesson (with full hearts!) at 11:45ish. When I clicked "Continue" after my last answer was graded as correct, I got an "Error 500" message and the site was down for at least 15 mins. Now I'm back at zero and lost my double or nothing lingots. Is there a way for a moderator or administrator to please give me my streak back? I only joined duolingo about a month ago, so it wasn't a very long streak compared to some I see on here, but still. . . .

March 4, 2014



It just ate my comment too :( (I will try to post a new one.)

This needs to go to the Troubleshooting forum.

  1. Subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum.

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  1. Edit your post and select "Troubleshooting" from the drop down menu instead of "Duolingo"

And it won't acknowledge the point I earned for practice round for either firefox or chrome browser. I was also rerouted to Yahoo's page telling me the page I wanted didn't exist (this happened on the firefox side.)

I am on Firefox and on Chrome. Windows7 and Duolingo is just not working properly. Very slow, not registering upvotes, comments, or lingots. And it ate my practice session and spit me out into yahoo's page of no results.


Likewise, Duolingo ate my points without so much as an おごちそうさまでした. Windows 7 and Chrome.


Update, I have now successfully earned points.


Okay, moved it to Troubleshooting. It was a dumb oversight on my part not to put it there to begin with. I am using Windows 7 and Firefox. It's nice to know I'm not the only person having problems like this. And thanks for the lingots! (I really only lost 5, not a big deal).


Hi there! We had a failure around that time that would explain why you got a 500 :( What was your streak yesterday?


I think 23 or 24. It's not a big deal.


Thanks! And we're sorry about that.


Wow, thank you!


Did you buy a streak freeze?


Might wanna do that. Only costs 10 Lingots.


This happened to me too! I didn't actually lose my streak (lost that last week by falling asleep mid day after an all nighter and waking up past midnight!) but I had just completed a lesson, with no hearts left, just to get the Error 500. I was pissed lol. I refreshed the page a few times and saw that duolingo as a whole was down. Held out hope that it had recorded my completed lesson with no luck. Oh well, I did it again.

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