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  5. "Πέμπτη απόγευμα"

"Πέμπτη απόγευμα"

Translation:Thursday afternoon

February 7, 2017



Ιs there a rule as to when the μπ cluster is pronounced as separate letters 'mp' or 'b'? It seems quite random to me so far. Same goes for ντ.


I think πέμπτη/ος/ο (it's an adjective as well) is a rare exception, together with its derivatives such as πεμπτουσία (quintessence). I can't think of a case where ντ are pronounced separately, that sound combination doesn't really exist in Greek. (native speaker)


How about παντελόνι for example? "padeloni" or "panteloni"?


It's pandeloni or padeloni, with the former being more correct and used in clear speech.


At the beginning of this exercise, 'αύριο απόγευμα᾽ was marked incorrect as the sentence needed the article: 'αύριο το απόγευμα'. Now I'm confused! Please will someone clarify this. Thank you. :)


I think it might be a difference between "in the afternoon" vs "Thursday afternoon" but I'm also not sure.


I'm not sure if I understand this explanation. Αύριο means tomorrow. Are you saying it means "tomorrow in the afternoon"? If it is, it's not clear in the (earlier question).

So the query still stands for me. Why is the definite article needed for "tomorrow" and not for "Thursday" or any other name of the days of the week I suppose?


All of the following sentences are correct:

1) Πέμπτη απόγευμα

2) Πέμπτη το απόγευμα

3)Την Πέμπτη το απόγευμα

4) Αύριο απόγευμα

5) Αύριο το απόγευμα


Day five afternoon


Afternoon... Απόγευμα.. Is this word related to γεύμα? As from or rather after meal?

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