"Dw i wedi yfed coffi."

Translation:I have drunk a coffee.

February 7, 2017

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Drank vs. Drunk ?


comparing to "eat": drank = ate, drunk = eaten.

i drank coffee, i ate bread. i have drunk coffee, i have eaten bread.


y'all sippin that purple drank if you think drank can't be the same as drunk


Many non standard dialects use the past tense for as the past participle. This has been a distinction between standard English and non standard English since at least Dickens day. Standard English is drink drank drunk, even for North Americans. I do hear a lot of people, even news people, using forms like I have went and he has swam and we have drank. I shudder when I hear it, but make note of a probable eventual change in usage. I'm not sure if this change will ever be completed or accepted, but in the meantime, since the English in Duo is at least moderately consistent from one course to another, it shouldn't be accepted here. Lot's of people ladder and are learning a third language through their second.


Is this meaning I have drunk coffee at some point in my life (i.e. I have had the experience of drinking coffee), or that I have drunk it somewhat recently, like earlier today?


I have drunk coffee


Why am i told "I have drunk coffee" is incorrect


It is a correct answer, and it is in the database.


It's Drunken if there's a form of have/has. This is very prominent in this specific course


Not drunken. Drunk. I drink coffee I drank coffee I have drunk coffee.

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