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When to use "una" and "un"..........Its quite confusing everytime I start my lesson........

4 years ago


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They are related to the gender of the nouns they apply to. Each noun in Italian has a gender : masculine of feminine. If a noun is masculine, you use un, if it's feminine, you use una. You should learn the gender of a word with the word, just as if it was part of its spelling, it'll help you a lot later.

4 years ago

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It's actually a little more complicated:

  • uno : masculine article used when the following word stars with s+ consonant, z, gn, gli, ps, pn, mn, y, i (if semiconsonant);
  • un : masculine article used in all the cases you can't use "uno"
  • una : feminine article used in front of a consonant
  • un' (pay attention to the apostrophe): feminine article used before feminine nouns that starts with a vowel (it's elided version of "una").
4 years ago