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  5. "Byłyście w pracy?"

"Byłyście w pracy?"

Translation:Have you been at work?

February 7, 2017



were you at work ? is not accepted. why not ?


You were at work - is not right?


Alright, as there was not "czy", affirmative word order works. Added now.


the answer that came back to me was "ya'll been at work? what in God's name is this. "Ya'll is a slang here in the U.S.....please check ypur English translations


We accept that (even if it's colloquial, at least it's some way to distinguish singular and plural 'you'), but it's absolutely never a starred option. But it seems we missed the 'most normal' option in one word order, so perhaps that's why you got it.

"You have/had been at work?" will now be accepted, as it should.

"Ya'll been at work" would not be accepted, it had to have either "have been" or "had been".


Its y'all btw. Since we are in grammar school aleady by being in the duolingo comments.

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