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Locked at Basic Level 1.1

Why can't I get past basic level 1. I've done it a few times and the last I got everything correct - why!!

March 4, 2014



Hi KirrileeW

The levels go up when you earn points.. It's not related to how many new skills you learn (Basics 1 is a Skill. Inside of it are Lessons that you need to complete before you can continue into Phrases or Basics 2).

Alt text

Alt text

I hope this helps! ^_^

PS the website might be experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment on top of all that. So, if the website gets sluggish or doesn't register your points, that's why.


Thanks! Seems to be progressing now :)



Still, please still consider subscribing to Troubleshooting. It's good to have in your menu options for the future :)


This usually happens when you're behind a proxy or are using satellite internet connection. Unfortunately, you might now be able to proceed. Can you check and see what type of connection you're using. Also! The best place to report issues is in the troubleshooting section. I'll move this thread there :)


This is a temporary (I hope!) technical fault at Duolingo's end -- lots of people are reporting similar problems at the moment, and I've already reported it via the Support tab. If anyone's got a twitter account (I don't) they might try giving Duolingo a poke on Twitter for a status update.


Jeg comsts esr desra!


I see many of the same problem reports from the "English from Hungarian" course.
So I made a small tutorial, but I suspect in some cases it still could be a glitch too.

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