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"El mănâncă două supe cu o lingură."

Translation:He eats two soups with a spoon.

February 7, 2017



What is soooooooo amazing about a person eating with a spoon.


Two soups with a single spoon?


Oddly, "lingură" looks similar to "lengua" which is Spanish for "tongue". Then again, that's what spoons are for.


It would make more sense to translate to "two bowls of soup" or "two portions of soup". You can technically say "two soups" in English but only in specific cases if you're talking about different varieties, which I think, correct me if I'm wrong, is not what the Romanian sentence implies.


Reminds me of a TV comedy soap with actress Julie Walters taking the part of an elderly waitress who walks with difficulty so much so that when she places the "two soups" order in front of the customers, there is hardly any soup left in the bowls!


Nah for me "two soups" is more like "two beers" meaning two glasses or bottles or in this case bowls. But in some contexts it could mean "two kinds of soup".

I do agree that they'd be better off using "two bowls of soup" but then the ones that want only literal translations will complain that there's no "bowls" in the Romanian version...


How could he eat two soups?


With a spoon (-:


This made my day

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