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  5. "The cats drink water."

"The cats drink water."

Translation:Os gatos bebem água.

February 21, 2013



"Os gatos bebem água" must be correct.


yeah.. report the mistake when that happens


Don't know how can I do it.


when you commit a mistake, it appears underneath "report a mistake" there are some options like "my answer should be accepted" " the sentence sounds weird" then u submit. if they think ur right, the'll send u an email letting u know they have accepted your answer and included it now :) this way you help duolingo, new learners and yourself :)


Thank you for your help. Can I do something now? I don't know where is the "report a mistake" link for that sentence.


Well... im afraid u have to go back to that activity again and commit the mistake on purpose or do that on the discussion part when u open the level (under the books you find new discussion) at the bottom of the homepage u find feedback. There u can report that too :)


Theres two answers in this one, cats in english dont have gender so leaving this vague. So, os gatos & as gatas are correct.


When it tells me to traduce "The cats drink milk" or "The cats eat bread", they correct me wrong is either is "gatas" or "gatos". I have to practically guess which one is it. It is nos the same as Spanish (my mother language). Gatas is for female and Gatos for male.

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