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  5. "Η ψήφος είναι νόμιμη."

"Η ψήφος είναι νόμιμη."

Translation:The vote is legal.

February 7, 2017



One of the suggestions, "The voting is legal" is not correct in English. Voting is legal is how they say it. either this should be accepted, or only "the vote is legal" should.


In the whole audio, it says "η ψήφος είναι νομίμη, not νόμιμη as it should


You're right, Tato Huenupi.


Could you say, "Η ψηφοφορία είναι νόμιμη"?


You can, but that means "(the) voting is legal" which is not the same thing.


Does "The vote is valid" make sense here?


No, that would be έγκυρη which means a different thing. The sentence above wants to say that the vote is legal in the sense that it is part of a legal procedure. A legal vote can be invalid though.


If this is the case, then the English sentence does not convey this meaning. "The vote is legal" can either mean "The vote (of the single individual) is legal/valid" or it can mean "the election is valid." But this English sentence (The vote is legal) does NOT convey to an English speaker that "the vote is part of a legal procedure."

By the way, I still don't full understand what you mean by a "legal vote" and a "procedure." In law, the word "procedure" has a very specific meaning, which I do not fully understand. You probably have to be a lawyer to really understand it, but to a lay person, it means something like a process or proceeding. In other words, it sounds like you're saying this vote is part of a court case. I don't think that is what this is saying in Greek, but is it?

Seriously, what does this mean?

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