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"Silicon is my favorite material."

Translation:Το πυρίτιο είναι το αγαπημένο μου υλικό.

February 7, 2017



Why not η σιλικόνη? Nobody uses the word πυρίτιο in everyday speech, but σιλικόνη is rather in use.


I also didn't understand this, so I looked it up. Silicon (without an 'e') is the chemical element, which is different from silicone (with an 'e'), which is a compound made up of silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. 'Πυρίτιο' is silicon and 'σιλικόνη' is silicone. I think silicone is the material more commonly found in everyday objects, which is why 'σιλικόνη' is more familiar.

Pretty confusing to only have one letter difference between the two!


Yes, I learned that here on Duo.


why cannot 'μου'go at the end of the sentence?


Added, might be a little confusing, however, in the sense that the interlocutor might think that you possess different materials and silicon is your favorite one.

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