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  5. "O que foi que eu fiz agora?"

"O que foi que eu fiz agora?"

Translation:What did I do now?

February 21, 2013



What does this question mean? Is it meant in the way someone who gets in trouble a lot says "What did I do now (this time)?".


Yes, in a more emphatic way than "O que eu fiz agora?".

Literally: What was/is it I did now?


Another way of interpreting this sentence: Suppose I did something by accident and I was trying to figure out how I did it. If I was trying to figure it out step by step, after a certain step, I might say, "What was it that I did now (i.e at this point)?" or said another way "What did I do now?"


since "fiz" is past tense, literally it's "what did I did now?" Keeping in tense, then wouldn't the better translation be "What have I done now?"


Why is 'que' used twice?


See mahankr's post.


Fazer means to do or to make. without a context shouldn't "what did i make just now" be acceptable?


It accepted, "What did I do just now?"


the adverb 'now' seems to be at odds with the past tense. 'just now' may be a better choice.

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