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"Το κορίτσι έχει στο πορτοφόλι της εκατό δολάρια."

Translation:The girl has a hundred dollars in her wallet.

February 7, 2017



Το κορίτσι (neuter) έχει στο πορτοφόλι του (neuter) εκατό δολάρια.

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The girl has in her purse one hundred dollars, why is this marked wrong?

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We put the adverb of place ("in her purse") at the end of the sentence. English have very little actual grammar but does depend heavily on correct word order. So, "in her purse" comes at the end of the sentence. I think the link below should help.



The mystery of adverbs... Yes, this is a valuable link. Thanks


I’m puzzled about the use of the feminine possessive here: της instead of του. I can also infer that το κορίτσι though grammatically neuter implies a female organism; but is there no rule in these scenarios?


The girl in English is not neutral, and the translator transferred the female to the Greek translation. It's definitely wrong.

The people who deal with Greek make a new "tree" that, I hope, will not contain these mistakes.


Το κορίτσι έχει στο πορτοφόλι της 100 δολάρια should be right. I was marked incorrectly because I put "100" rather than εκατό.


Why "the girl has one hundred dollars in her wallet" refused ?

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That is a correct translation and one of the accepted ones. We moderators cannot see what you wrote.

You should have made a Report:

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