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  5. "Θα δώσω το κινητό."

"Θα δώσω το κινητό."

Translation:I will give the cellphone.

February 8, 2017



Am I the only one finding this sentence unidiomatic in English? I want something more, like "give ... back" or "give someone ...", or "give ... to someone"....


I agree. To give has to have both a direct object and and indirect object. However, in context the IO could be implied. Like deciding who's giving what (to someone) from a list. But it would be better here, where there's no context, to include it. We also need to know how to express it. Like Θα σου δώσω το κινητό.


Previous commenters have made some very good points, especially on the subject of cell phone vs. mobile phone, but what I need to point out is that when native speakers say "Θα δώσω το κινητό", it's usually slang for giving your phone number, not the device itself.


Here in Britain, 'I will give the mobile' (phone implied) would be said. Perhaps this could be added as an acceptable translation?


Did not accept "mobile phone"


Made a comment about cellphone = phone another time κινητό came up, and it seemed at the time that my suggestion was accepted. So I just wanted to flag this one.


Please change to just accept "phone", they are interchangeable


Hey, thanks! I always enjoy the 'insider' comments from native speakers! :)


In English we dont use "cellphone" we say 'mobile'. But given Duolingo uses an American flag icon to denote teaching English, and uses only American spellings of English words, this is not a surprising feature.

It must be confusing for those wanting to learn English instead of American!

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