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Lost my streak, weird behavior and not recording progress

Using Ipad, first thing I noticed was that my personal Icon was blank.

I tried to you "Practice Weak Skills" and it said something like "There are no weak skills try learning new words." That was obviously wrong because I could see not all the strength bars were full.

I went ahead and moved on and did Adject. 2 sections 1/10 and 2/10 and each time it showed the level was passed, but the counter stayed at 0/10. At the end of each section it said it could not contact the server, on the second try it would contact the server and the page showing my progress against people I am following would start at zero and move up each time.

This morning all seems to be working fine. BUT, my streak is ended and it lost track of the modules I did last night.

I'm pretty bummed that the software lost my long streak (something in the mid 80's).

March 4, 2014



Hi there! What time were you doing this? We had a failure early am that might have caused this. What was your streak yesterday? Thanks!


This happened about 10:30 p.m Pacific Standard Time on 3/3/2014. My streak was a couple days longer than I have I have been on track, so 84 days or so.

I really like the on track graph. It is a good way to motivate to keep caught up. I look forward to it being on the Android version as well.


Are you going to be able to reset my streak?


I was able to get a screenshot this morning of it saying "There's nothing to practice right now. Try doing some lessons first." While in the background there are skills with less than full strength bars. Also you can see in the image that my avatar is blank. Let me know if you want me to send the image somewhere.

This may be related to local internet connectivity problems, however if the software indicates I have completed a lesson, then it should update the server with that information.

Edit: This happened about 0630 hrs PST 3/6/2014

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