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  5. "Це дуже маленький готель."

"Це дуже маленький готель."

Translation:It is a very small hotel.

February 8, 2017



Cant understand when i can write in the and of the word - ю/ий/ь/мо/all the option. Someone can explane that for me. Need also to add course about that on the begining. Thanks


Do you mean the ending of an adjective?

-> noun (with a certain consonant at the end), feminine, Accusative (цибулю)

-ий -> adjective, masculine, Nominative (маленький)

-> noun, masculine/feminine, Nominative (біль/сіль)

-мо -> verb, 3rd person plural (we), present tense (читаємо)

These are the things I thought of after reading your question. I'm not sure I understood it.

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