"Це дуже маленький готель."

Translation:It is a very small hotel.

February 8, 2017



Cant understand when i can write in the and of the word - ю/ий/ь/мо/all the option. Someone can explane that for me. Need also to add course about that on the begining. Thanks

February 8, 2017


Do you mean the ending of an adjective?

-> noun (with a certain consonant at the end), feminine, Accusative (цибулю)

-ий -> adjective, masculine, Nominative (маленький)

-> noun, masculine/feminine, Nominative (біль/сіль)

-мо -> verb, 3rd person plural (we), present tense (читаємо)

These are the things I thought of after reading your question. I'm not sure I understood it.

January 18, 2019
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