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  5. "Escrevemos com canetas."

"Escrevemos com canetas."

Translation:We write with pens.

February 21, 2013



Why is the pronoun "we" excluded here? I take it that the conjugation implies what the pronoun is, but is this typical? Would "escrevo com canetas" imply "I write with pens"?


yeah, when the verb is conjugated we it's not necessary to use the pronoun (same in spanish). So "escrevo" you dont need "i" because it's already conjugated! we just use the pronoun when they have the same ending, or to contrast or to stress the necessity to inform which person it's being referred to.


It would imply, and both ways are grammatically correct, but nobody excludes the pronoun anymore, it's really old-fashioned


I wrote "Let's write with pens" and it was marked as wrong. It is not imperative?


let's write with pens = vamos escrever com canetas. Imperative: "escrevamos com canetas".


so is it only with "vamos" that one says "let's" (let's go)? I was under the impression that when "nos" was left off that the translation for any verb was "let's _".


"Vamos + infinitive" has two meanings:

1- Invitation: "Let's...", "Shall we..."

2- Immediate future: "WE are going to..."

You need to see the context to get the meaning, right?


write with pens..... we shows as optional..... should be accepted?

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