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  5. "What do you see?"

"What do you see?"

Translation:¿Qué ves?

February 21, 2013



The question was why can't it be Que tu ves? (with an accent over the e in Que and the u in tu). I know the tu can be left out, but I was under the impression that it was optional.


That is excactly what i think


i would like to know why 'Que tu ves'is marked incorrect


ok, so "Que?" = what? and "tu ves" = you see

can someone tell me why this doesnt translate to "what do you see?" and also when these words a re put together "que tu vas?" que now translates to "that" when it would not mean that if used alone


Be careful with the accents, if you're making a question, the word qué will ALWAYS have an accent. Maybe that's why it tells you it is incorrect.

Most part of the time, whenever you say something in English using the word "that" (and you're NOT using it as the singular of "those") it will translate to " que" without the accent.

Hope this was helpful


I am not sure what you are asking, but "qué" = what? and "que" = that. They are different words, due to the accent. My screen tells me that Duo does translate "¿Qué ves?" as "What do you see?"


Thanks. Even i was wondering why my answer, "Que tu ves" was rejected.


Why not "Cual ves? (Including the accent on the a in Cual.)


I did only 'Que ves' and I still got it right!


Under what circumstances do you use "de" before "que" when asking a question?


I put «que usted ve?» and got it wrong. Am I?


What abt do you? Y cant it be Qué abrochar ustedes ves?

Why is it just Qué ves?


I responded with the ustedes form of the verb and it was marked incorrect. I reported it, as it should be accepted.


I thought it was Qué te ves....

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