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  5. "Який поїзд їде у Київ?"

"Який поїзд їде у Київ?"

Translation:What train goes to Kyiv?

February 8, 2017



Why is it not correct to write Kiev


Because that's how it's pronounced in Russian, not Ukrainian. As I understand it, maps use this spelling because the correct spelling hasn't been widely popularized by the Ukrainian government, whereas the former was by the Soviet Union.


because transliteration of Київ is Kyiv


"Which" would be a better word to offer instead of "what." I know that "what" is very commonly used also, but wouldn't it be better to offer the more appropriate word?


I agree with you Which train ...is more usual and appropriate


Sometimes Kiev is accepted, other times not. Consistency is key.


Як же потяг?


Why does it seemingly, only sometimes allow the old spelling 'Kiev'. I underdstand its outdated but it's been accepable to use that spelling elsewhere in the course. I also agree that 'which' is a better word choice in English - though understand that is literally 'what' and gef that it's important to understand native sentence constructions.


Likely because with each exercise, there needs to be a report done on the spelling. There are only so few contributors and mods looking after Ukrainian right now. If some exercises are allowing/not allowing one spelling over the other, just report it and leave a comment about it. Some day, someone will see it and hopefully change it.

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