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  5. "Το λεωφορείο είναι μεγάλο."

"Το λεωφορείο είναι μεγάλο."

Translation:The bus is big.

February 8, 2017



I got this as a multiple-choice problem with the options λεωφορείο, ποδήλατο and τρένο for the subject of the sentence. But I thought all of those were neuter gender, and all of them could be big, so wouldn't the sentence be correct with any of the three? Or is there some reason only λεωφορείο is correct that I'm missing?


Oh, that sounds confusing o.o We'll look into it, thank you for reporting it! (Sorry for taking so long to see this. With the 'Sentences' tab still missing for over a month now,) , we can't keep an eye on the recent comments ._.)


This problem still exists, as I had exactly the same multiple-choice question asked as Dyscretio.


In all the answers "το τρένο" is the biggest thing. I did bot understand with what kind of logic this question was asked


Yep...that's what I thought :-D


A glitch in the Greek tree. I answered τρένο and not accepted. Please, correct it Greek team!


Yes, indeed! Take a look at this Greek team.


Indeed all answers are correct. Yet two are scored as incorrect


thank you. yes please fix the other two answers (train and bycicle) as correct.

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