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A new Romance Languages group !

A long time ago there was a Romance Slack group (Slack being a website where you can chat and discuss about many things, basically)

The link to join this group is broken, and I think it's because the group has been deleted. So, I created an entirely new group :D

If you are a romance language (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, only to name a few, but these are those that you can learn on Duolingo right now) learner or native speaker, feel free to join using that link: https://romanceduolingo.herokuapp.com/

We need a lot of native speakers, since we only have 2 French natives and 1 Catalan native at the moment !

You can also join if you don't learn or speak any romance languages, any language fan is welcome too ! :D

February 8, 2017



Joined. Also, a good idea would be to have everyone add their Native language to their description.

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