"Ga i siocled a losin?"

Translation:May I have chocolate and sweets?

February 9, 2017

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I have a silly question. I assume a sweet is what we Americans refer to as a candy? And to us a chocolate would clearly fall into the class of candies. Though we would say may I have a chocolate (implying a candy).


In UK English chocolates are thought of as sweets but distinct enough from other sweets to need special mention -"a box of sweets" would never be "a box of chocolates". Looks like Welsh has the same distinction.


I'm not from the UK but I've felt this way about chocolate my whole life. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks like this like all my friends say.


I suppose language is the point where social life and individuality meet, and sometimes disagree.


Yes, a sweet is a candy and yes, a chocolate would count as a sweet. I guess there could be a context where 'sweet' would imply 'other than a chocolate'.


"May I have chocolate and sweets" is accepted, but how about "May I have some chocolate and some sweets"?

As regards siocled vs. losin, in a UK context it's normal to make the distinction. I'd reserve "sweets" for the sugary variety. I'd expect to find chocolate in a sweet shop (excellent traditional example in Biwmaris!) but would go to a dedicated shop for the really good stuff. "Gwesty Siocled" anybody?


Being Australian, I was both amused and saddened to discover that 'losin' can't be translated in this course to 'lolly.' :P It's no big thing, just a regional matter, but it made me chuckle.


Yes. Unlike British English, Australian and New Zealand English use "lolly" to mean any sweets, while the British prefer to use it to mean money, lollipop and icy pole.


Why Do I Always Hear "A Losin" As A Weird Pronounciation Of "Allison"?


I think every Allison I've known has been sweetly dispositioned!


I’m sure my grandchildren wrote this.


Exactly what i put, but I was corrected!!!! You have a typo. May I have chocolate & sweets?

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