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  5. "Wir gehen nach links."

"Wir gehen nach links."

Translation:We are going to the left.

February 21, 2013



Is "We go left" grammatically wrong? Doing this course is becoming more challenging because of English grammar than German one. Maybe I should do the English course for Italians as well, even if I speak English on a daily basis.


Not only is it not grammatically wrong, but I'd say it's more commonplace. There are subtle differences as to when someone would say "We go left" versus "we go to the left", but you shouldn't really need to worry about that.

For this case, I think Duo should accept both answers, and if I typed "we go left" and it marked it wrong, I would have reported it. Maybe in german you can't say "Wir gehen links", but in english people drop the preposition all the time when talking about directions.


I don't think it's grammatically wrong, but the lesson probably requires you to include a translation for "nach".


Would be "Wir gehen links" right too?


we go to left is wrong ?


Yes, it doesn't make sense in English. "we go left" or "we go to the left"


Why does it suggest "to follow" as the right translation for "gehen nach"?


Wow, the audio is schrecklich on this (Male voice, normal speed). Sounds like "Deh gehen nach links". (Reported...)


There isn't this problem here. Maybe they corrected it now :-)

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