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"Infirmierul învață mai puțin decât medicul."

Translation:The orderly learns less than the physician.

February 9, 2017



Is "the orderly" an accurate translation for "Infirmierul"? I might be wrong, but I thought it would be "the nurse". Similar to "el enfermero" in Spanish.


As a medical student in Romania I can confirm : the translation for "Infirmierul" is "the orderly", the equivalent of nurse is "asistenta medicala". "Infirmière" in french, (as in spanish "enfermero") means indeed "nurse". This is a specificity of the romanian language !


Its exacty what I receive as information : In Romanian , "Infirmieră(ul)" are not "nurses" but "Orderly". In France in order you have : Médecin ; infirmière and aide-soignante In Romania it is different : Medic, "asistentă medicală" or "soră medicală" and at least "infirmieră". It is "un faux ami" for french people!


asistenta is a nurse i believe. Infirmiera is more like a carer. i think that would be more accurate


A carer in England is anyone who cares, most often a relative, sometimes a paid unqualified or very basically qualified person in the community. One would not hear it used of a hospital employee, we have the term health care assistants in the NHS who used to be and are still by the public called auxillary nurses. Certainly the word orderly would not convey the meaning of infirmierul in England. Historically nurses did more basic things and they have worked their way up or due to shortage of doctors skilled work has been passed down (sideways if you are a nurse) but the basic word nurse still applies to the profession in general English language terms. the ones who are physician assistants, substitutes or equals are variously called specialist practitioners, nurse consultants etc. given the relation here in the example sentence of doctor to nurse, medicul to infirmierul I think we are talking about basic overarching titles for broad groups and the origin of the word says infirmierul is nurse


How about "ordonat" (orderly)?


False friend for Spanish/French (maybe others too) speakers:

Ro. Infirmier - Sp. Auxiliar de enfermería - Fr. Aide-soignant

Ro. Assistent medical - Sp. Enfermero - Fr. Infirmière

PD: The translation of Orderly into Spanish is Camillero/Celador.

O zi bună!

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