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"Ο νονός μου θα πάει στην Αγγλία με το υποβρύχιο που έχει."

Translation:My godfather will go to England with the submarine that he has.

February 9, 2017



you should add "my godfather will go to England with the submarine he has"


My greatest fear is that I will be in the situation someday where that sentence is needed but all I remember are useless sentences like "Where is the next metro station?" or "Does that food have peanuts?"


I would love to have an uncle who has (or is) a submarine!


Agree - English translation makes no sense


He’s error still there level (4transport)


When The question was repeated the correct answer was given, “that he has”. But surely it should be “in the submarine” not “with the submarine”. . I remember in another sentence “with the bus” being rejected.


"In the submarine" and "with the submarine" should both be accepted - as should "with the bus" (probably - I don't know exactly which sentence this refers to). "With" is similar to "by" in this context - ie general - with the bus / by bus - whereas "in" is more specific - in this particular bus / submarine.


In my reply I was simply accepting the position taken by Duo regarding the bus “ The girls go to the village by bus”. I am not sure that one is more specific than the other but I agree that both are in current use and might usefully be accepted.


I am also getting 'that he's'. Which makes no sense whatsoever. I wrote "My godfather will go to England with the submarine he has" (I left out the 'that' and still think the sentence sounds more natural without it).


I mean: godfather!


My godfather will go to England by submarine that he has


You can say "by submarine" by itself as a general means of transport (like "by bus" or "by train"), but the sub-clause refers to a specific submarine and therefore the article is required.


Why the proposal " By Bus" is correct and the proposal by "his submarine", is wrong?


Is this "with the submarine", "in the submarine" or "by the submarine"?

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