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  5. "Die Gruppe lernt."

"Die Gruppe lernt."

Translation:The group is learning.

March 4, 2014



In this case, is Gruppe treated as singular? Therefore we use 'lernt (sie)' instead of lernen?


How do we know to use learnt instead of other verb endings?


In English, you use "learnt" when it is in when it is a past participle. "I have learnt how to draw." In German, it is more complicated. Take out the "-t" and you end up with "lern" which is the stem. Ich stem+e Du stem+st/est Er stem+t Wir stem+en Ihr stem+t Sie stem+en So it goes: Ich lerne, du lernst, er lernt etc.


On mine it says that the "group is learning" is incorrect, and that it's "the group learn". Is this true?


Yep, strange. 'the group learn' (yes, w/o an 's' at the end) was accepted. no way to report it via the tool, however =(


"The group learns" and "The group learn" are both accepted.

Some English speakers treat nouns referring to groups of people as plural (e.g. "the police ARE conducting an investigation"); others do not. Both conventions are accepted here.


For me "the group learn" was not accepted, the right answer was "the group is learning"


"The group are learning" should be an acceptable answer?


No...It is a single group,had it been groups then you could have said groups are.


Yeah bro, in Indian English, group is a singluar but it appears it isnt so somewhere else. Appears to be England.


Yes, that's how they'd say it in England, so report it.


Is "Gruppe" also be considered a collective plural noun, so that "Die Gruppe lernen" is also valid?


I was first given the plural of groups = Die Gruppen and the translations of groups, bands, & classes. So for Die Gruppe lernt, I used The class learns. It was incorrect and the correct was The band learns and the group is learning. So why is The class learns wrong?


Would this count as a musical band as well?


English is an rapidly evolving language. Don't get fooled by old books. German has a million dialects that make any non-native speaker stand out. The only rule to follow is "sounds right", if don't want to sound like you are from another planet. Writing is different, however this not a writing course


Isn't "The class learns" correct


No because "class" is "Klasse"


Sounded like grouppe could not understand person pronouncing this tried several timez to understand.


Why team is not correct


They're two different words. Die Gruppe: the group. Die Mannschaft or, das Team: the team.


Why *is team... When asking a question, "to be" comes before the subject. "The book is red" "Is the book red?" "Why is the book red?" Also: Die Mannschaft = the team Die Gruppe = the group


But grroupe is plural is not it?should not we use lernen?..i am confused


No, Gruppe (group) is a singular noun; the plural is Gruppen (groups).

Some English speakers use plural verbs with nouns that refer to a group of people, but German does not -- we don't say die Mannschaft haben gewonnen (the team have won) or die Polizei suchen den Dieb (the police are looking for the thief) but instead die Mannschaft hat gewonnen (the team has won) and die Polizei sucht den Dieb (the police is looking for the thief).


I typed "The group study" and it came up as incorrect. Why's that?


Because both in English and in German, "study" and "learn" are different words. The German verb "to study" is "studieren".


Sounded like kope


Another one that slips up with British/American English. I put "the group are learning" which is usual for British English. Teams are treated as a number of people. So "West Ham are a football team". But the American English practice is that groups are treated as singular, so "Miami Dolphins is a football team" and I got marked wrong for putting "The group are learning". I've reported it, but I just thought I'd put why I've reported it in case anyone looks.


I don't think it is necessarily true that British people always use the plural for groups. I hear things like "This committee believes...." and "This committee believe".


the group are learning i think is the correct answer


I have reported this. Das Publikum lernt Deutsch then came up and 'the audience are learning' was accepted (with the alternative solution of is learning also shown).


I put 'the group are learning' and it was marked wrong, yet it is better pronunciation. 'are learning' was also the hint for lernt.

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