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How many lessons and words are there in the Spanish skill tree?


the Spanish skill tree contains 64 skills. I tried to do something like 5 skills a day which worked great in the beginning, but now some skills have more than 15 lessons and it is impossible for me to continue with my "5 skills per day" approach. For my planing I would like to know nonetheless how big the Spanish skill tree is.

I think the total number of lessons would be a good metric for that, but i can't figure out how many lessons locked skills contain. Does someone have this information?

Otherwise maybe the total taught words would maybe be an alternative metric... does anyone know the number of total words thought?

Thanks in advance...

February 21, 2013



We have about 3,000 words in the Spanish tree.


Which is the amount of words you need to know from a language to be able to pick up more words on your own. Scientific language teaching :)


Thank you for your answers :)

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