Anyone know of any websites which will help me with my German? :) I Love Duolingo, but i'd like more help :)

February 21, 2013


I highly recommend Deutsche Welle ( There's a full online course, a bunch of audio lessons (my favorite series is "Deutsch - Warum Nicht?"), and a video series too, called "Jojo sucht das Glück." It's all free and really good, quality resources. I really can't recommend them enough, since the people there do such a good job and their website is genuinely helpful. :)

Agreed. Deutsche Welle is awesome. Also check out

THE ENTIRE COURSE appears to be in German??? I registered as a new user, and browsed through some of the lessons, it looks like good content, nice that its free. I registered my language as "Englisch;" am I missing something?

If you mean Deutsche Welle, than you can just switch your language to English in the dropdown list. The explanations will be in English.

This confused me as well. Its in english until you click on the link to the lessons and then everything seems to be in german. All I could see was links to the "lessons" in german. But if you click the "start the course" text under the picture on this page: (which I didn't realise was a link at first) it loads the interactive lessons which seem to be in english. (pick english from the drop down on the page that loads) The interactive sections seems so far (to me) to be a steep learning curve, and I'm not sure I like it. But it seems pretty good anyway.

Thanks for the link, it's really helpful. There is even a German course with explanations in Russian!

Thank you for that :)

German public television for free to watch on demand. Ich liebe es:

Tip: Some of the programmes have German subtitles. To turn them on, click on "UT" (Untertitel) in the lower right corner.

Christian, always so helpful.

Try You write texts in the language you want to learn and get them corrected by native speakers!

The Goethe-Institut also offers exercises, texts and video clips for learners: is an exellent online dictionnary with rich forums

Try the google chrome language immersion app. It will translate scattered words from the page you are reading in the browser into whatever language you want. It's awesome because you can pick the difficultly (and vocabulary) of what you want to learn by choosing which pages you want to look at. For example, I started by reading children stories to get the hang of simple grammer and vocabulary. It was my first tool to learn English.

Moved to the German section.

Thank you everyone! These sources have been splendid. Also try Youtube in German is fun.

This one also has a vocabulary trainer (if you make an account) and it can switch very flexible between many different language combinations.

Futher dictionnaries I use

This one is mostly for french, as it compares sentences of translations. Very usefull vor technical terms.

for englisch very nice:

Yes Wikipedia! On the left site are the links to the other languages. Also very usefull for technical terms. Also Wikipedia has lage grammar sections.

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