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Help with translation

I would like to have the sentence 'We Are Sisters' translated to Hindi. Is there anyone who could help me?

February 9, 2017



"हम बहनें हैं" means we are sisters (pronounced "hum behane hai") I think saying "हम बहन हैं" (hum behan hai) could also work colloquially, I feel like that feels more natural to say but might be grammatically incorrect, so get a second opinion on this one!

you could also say "_ मेरी बेहन है" (__ is my sister)


"हम बहनें हैं |" is absolutely right. " हम बहन हैं |" is also right but the sentence doesn't justify the plural form. So it's kinda grammatically incorrect. I would suggest that you go with the first sentence.

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