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Ihr as possessive pronoun

Duolingo told me that the acceptable translations for "Ihr Hund isst Reis." are either HER dog eats rice or THEIR dog eats rice. How would one say "HIS dog eats rice"? Is it Er instead of Ihr? I can tell that Ihr has several different functions.

June 21, 2012



"Sein Hund frisst Reis." There are two verbs for eat: essen and fressen. Fressen is the one often used for animals (or piggy people!)


ahhh ok so Sein Hund frisst Reis would be "His dog eats rice". I have seen people mention that fressen is for animals eating. It sucks that Duolingo has not taught me that word yet and has been using essen for all examples in which animals are eating. I will try and remember this for the real world.


"Ihr Hund isst Reis" can also mean "your dog eats rice" (the polite form of 'you' deriving from 'Sie')

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