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Discussion: Duo unceremoniously eats your words when you have a connection glitch

Some people might say this only bothers me because I like to waffle, but it is true all the same; when you hit the post button, if there is any frailty in the connection or your browser at that particular moment, there is absolutely no chance of saving your post because the web design clears the contents of the text box before making sure that it can actually reach the site. It doesn't save any drafts, and you can't use the back button because it's all made from fancy shmancy web two point oh's and whatnot. So if you have just written a very long five paragraph essay in response to someone's question, your only recourse is to run away into a dark and quiet room away from all distractions and somehow retype the whole thing word for word from memory. Which is somewhat like the very specific and personal torture of trying to remember what you went down the stairs to the kitchen for on a Friday evening.

March 4, 2014

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If your comment/article/text is so precious than select all (Ctrl-A) and press Ctrl-C before hitting the button. Your clipboard will hold your backup just in case.

It should be a common practice anywhere on the web (blogs, forums, etc.) and if it's a long text I use this too. Thought this problem never happened to me here.

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