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This damned streak!

I am going to complete an a-thousand-days streak tomorrow. I hate this streak forcing me to do my language exercises even on a trip in a distant part of the world. I should free myself from this mental slavery! The reward are some lingots. I have more as 7000 of them and I do not know what do with them. Actually duolingo is a diabolic platform. Is is misleading me to learn instead of watching soap operas, reading the yellow press and other useful things.

Thanks Duolingo for you company.

I am German and I am retired. I travel quite a bit. At home I play guitar for two hours a day, I learn languages for about four hours and i am walking or biking for two or three hours. These are my daily tasks. The rest, like gardening, visiting friends and other things is sparetime.

When I started I had a good command of of English and Spanish so I could do the trees in these two languages within one day by using every shortcut. I had one year of French in college nearly 50 years ago.

Meanwhile I learned Dutch, Italian and French and finished 8 trees. I made crosswise trees. E.G. I made the trees in French or Italian from English and Spanish. The experience levels in a language are not added. I got level 22 in French from English and Level 21 from Spanish. It shows always only the results of the mother tongue you use for learning.

I also use Memrise and babbel regularly as well as podcasts. And in addition conversational language courses. Why that?

I am 67 and I feel that my mental capacities are decreasing. My memory is weakening. Duolingo gives me the chance to fight the process and acquire new knowledge.

February 10, 2017



I am in my twenties and it is delighted to know that someone in his sixty is still striving to learn the best as he can is incredibly satisfying. I hope other youngsters around me are more like you.


Thank you Ben. Very encoureging.


Congratulations! I have felt the same despite my number of days on my streak compared to yours. I've walked through rain to McDonalds because I didn't have access to wifi (which took half an hour), I've even spent 15 dollars when I accidentally lost my streak, and basically it's become part of my daily life.

I feel your frustration man, stay strong <3


Most people thinking that way is to ignore the streak. Duo does not force you to keep it going, it is just another tool to help motivate but you are free to lose it whenever YOU want.


You are right. It was an ironical statement from my side. The streak tool does its job perfectly for me. But i don't know how I feel, if I lose it because i have no chance to be online for two days.


You should register for the hall of fame also :)


I remember your 1000th day :)


Not true. Duo /does/ force me to keep the streak going. I am totally helpless under its power. "Resistance is futile"


1000 days!! .. congrats


Good job! You must have a lot of motivation (and more time than me) and be proud! 2nd person i've seen go from 999-1000


Try the timed practice and setting coach 1XP goal.
Only one question answered correctly in the timed practice (30 seconds) gives you 1 XP and you have reached your daily goal.
Streak saved.

With the mobile app and tapping it is even easier...

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