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  5. "Ο νέος άντρας."

"Ο νέος άντρας."

Translation:The young man.

February 10, 2017



Is there any difference in Greek language between "the young man" and "the new husband"? (Or do I need the context to understand the meaning when someone says ο νεος αντρας?)


"the new husband" could be better translated to "ο καινούριος σύζυγος". "Σύζυγος" being the "husband". You can also use the simpler "νέος άντρας" but you would have to state whose "man" he is. For example: "Ο νέος μου άντρας" -> My new husband or "O νέος άντρας της Μαρτίνας" -> Martina's new husband.

"Νέος" is indeed both new and young but "καινούριος" is only "new" not "young". "Young" could also be translated as "νεαρός" which cannot be confused for "new".


"ο νέος άνδρας" not accepted (strengthen skills). Also "report a problem" does not include "my answer should be accepted", presumably as part of the ongoing DuoLingo bug.

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