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حيوان - haiwan

/hai.wan/ - animal (similar to Turkish "hayvan" since both of these words are borrowed from Arabic)

For animals, the classifier will be:

سأيکور - seekor

/sə.e.kor/ - lit. a tail (despite the fact that not all animals have tails of its own)

کوچيڠ - kucing

/ku.t͡ʃiŋ/ - cat

انجيڠ - anjing

/an.d͡ʒiŋ/ - dog

کودا - kuda

/ku.da/ - horse

بوروڠ - burung

/bu.ruŋ/ - bird

ايتيق - itik

/i.tiʔ/ - duck

ڤڽو - penyu

/pə.ɲu/ - (sea) turtle

کورا٢ - kura-kura

/ku.ra ku.ra/ - tortoise

.کوچيڠ ايت سوک اکن انجيڠ ايت

Kucing itu suka akan anjing itu. - The cat likes the dog.

.کوچيڠ ايت سدڠ ماکن سأيکور ايکن

Kucing itu sedang makan seekor ikan. - The cat is eating a fish.

.ايتيق ايت وروڠ دان بوروڠ ايت حيوان

Itik itu burung dan burung itu haiwan. Ducks are birds and birds are animals.

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کتم - ketam

/kə.tam/ - crab

لابه٢ - labah-labah

/la.bah la.bah/ - spider (this word doesn't has a plural form)

برواڠ - beruang

/bə.ruaŋ/ - bear

تيکوس - tikus

/ti.kus/ - mouse/rat (similar to Chinese 鼠 "shǔ" which carries the same meaning)

سموت - semut

/sə.mut/ = ant

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Here are some local animals that could be found in the Malay archipelago.

اورڠ اوتن - orang utan

/o.raŋ u.tan/ - orangutan

هريماو - harimau


اڠݢڠ - enggang

/əŋ.gaŋ/ - hornbill (hypernym: بوروڠ - burung)

کنچيل - mouse deer = kancil

/kan.t͡ʃil/ - famous in Malay folk story as a clever animal

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