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In our previous lesson, we use "itu" for "the".

Malay does not really use definite articles. To make something definite, we use this, that, etc.

There is no common equivalent word for the English article "the" in Malay since Malay doesn't even use articles. "The" is either omitted or be translated into these:

ايت / itu

Which means 'that' as you can see in previous lessons.


بواه ايت سبيجي ايڤل.

Buah itu sebiji epal. - That/The fruit is an apple.

اين / ini

/ - this


للاکي اين ممباچ بوکو.

Lelaki ini membaca buku. - The/This man reads book.

ترسبوت / tersebut

/tər.sə.but/ - the one that mention

Actually "tersebut" is likely the nearest equivalent with English "the" but it is too long and usually used in writing. "itu" could also be used both spoken and written.


وانيتا ترسبوت سدڠ ممباچ بوکو ترسبوت.

Wanita tersebut sedang membaca buku tersebut. - The woman is reading the book.

Although there is one equivalent the in Malay but it is only limited for certain Arabic loanwords which is:

ال- / al-

/al/ - the (similar to Arabic. Most of the word is a fixed term or a proper noun.)


الحاصيل / alhasil

/al.ha.sil/ - the result

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February 10, 2017


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