"I want your jacket."

Translation:Θέλω το μπουφάν σου.

February 10, 2017

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Μπουφάν or ζακέτα ??


I wonder the same thing. I put in ζακετα and it was accepted but marked as a typo, with μπουφαν given as the correct spelling.


What was the entire sentence that you wrote?

Did you get the article wrong, perhaps, e.g. writing το ζακέτα as if ζακέτα were a neuter noun?


I used the word bank, and ζακέτα was marked wrong. I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but a google image search shows zip up sweatshirts, sweaters, track jackets, and even light coats (like a short pea coat) as ζακέτα.


I would personally say it's either, but some people only use 'coat' to mean a long (past your bum) open front winter over-garment. But μπουφάν means any warm winter... jacket. Including shorter ones

  • 1528

Θελω τα ρούχα σας, τα μπότες σας και η μοτοσικλέτα σας. Τερμνάτορ 2.


'Θέλω η ζακέτα σου' is not correct? So, when jacket is μπουφάν or ζακέτα ? It could be better if the support language was portuguese or spanish...


'Θέλω η ζακέτα σου' is not correct?

That's right; it is not correct. It has to be τη ζακέτα σου, not η ζακέτα σου, because it's the direct object -- so you need the accusative form of the definite article.

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