My audio isn't working. I checked in the Duolingo settings, nothing wrong. Same with the computer. I have reported this several times and nothing has happened yet. I have to just guess on what they are saying but I just get a heart taken away! HELP!!!

February 22, 2013


Do you have Flash installed?

Yea, it worked. Then it didn't. All in one day.

Did you install any plugins on your browser, like Flash block?
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If you go to your vocabulary (the tab at the top) and then go to a particular word, you can click on a speaker icon next to the word. Does the audio play for you if you do this?

I'm having the same problem. I'm using Mozilla with the latest flash and I've tried using Explorer. It worked briefly then stopped. I've tried restarting not just the browser but the computer, after saving the settings. When I click on the sound button, beside the duolingo logo a quick little circle graphic is drawn, but no sound.

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