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I want to join the Duolingo team!

Hi everybody,

For the past two years I have been running operations to grow a foreign language school in New York City from the ground up. I am thrilled about our progress so far in getting over 5,000 students in class with us in 10 different languages, but I'm itching to take it to the next step.

Despite surrounding myself with linguaphiles and being constantly on the hunt for ways to improve language acquisition for our students, I only found out about Duolingo a few days ago. I am absolutely obsessed with its concept and I want to be a part of it.

I of course have researched the information available on the site for job opportunities, but unfortunately I do not have the designer or engineering training those opportunities require. I would like to know if there is another channel through which I can submit my résumé.

Could anybody advise on how to contact Duolingo?

Je vous remercie par avance.

Bien à vous, Ross

February 22, 2013



Thanks for your interest and Duolingo outreach will get in touch with you shortly.


Vielen Dank, Julika!

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