"I eat a fish sandwich."

Translation:Eu como um sanduíche de peixe.

February 22, 2013

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What if I said um sanduíche com peixe, would that work? Do you say um sanduíche de queijo or com queijo?


I have the same question, that was my first answer - sanduiche com peixe


I had the same questions of two these guys before me! For fist I thoght and I put "sanduiche com peixi"... but the answer controller said me "Error, is only: sanduiche de peixe"... Why? Can someone explain it, please?


It also accepted "Eu como uma sanduíche de peixe", i.e. using "uma". Does sanduíche swing both ways, so to speak, or is this a mistake in the lesson?


It is a mistake. It is a masculine word, so it is "um"


"Sanduíche" is a male noun in brazilian portuguese but in european portuguese it is female. Both "um" and "uma" are correct, depending on the type of portuguese


Why can't I put "Eu como um peixe sanduiche". I also get confused sometimes knowing when it needs to be sanduiche de peixe vs the other way around.


To my thinking, um sanduiche com peixe should be two slices of bread with a fish fillet in the middle, but um sanduiche de peixe is a sandwich made of fish, so two fillets and no bread at all and maybe some aioli and a wedge of lemon inside.

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