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Cantonese Short Lesson 10.1: ** Vocab: Countries! **

Welcome to the first part of the tenth lesson of Cantonese! Enjoy! (apologies for the slight delay of this lesson)

Just as a celebration, I have finished my Polish tree! I would like to thank the contributors for their hard work, and all those who have encouraged me through the journey. You know who you are ;)

Polish owl!

Anyway, today we are going through some of the most important countries of the world in Cantonese. Let's get started!

North America

Canada = 加拿大 (gaa1 naa4 daai6)

United States (of America) = 美國 (mei5 gwok3)

South America

Brazil = 巴西 (baa1 sai1)

Chile = 智利 (zi3 lei6)

Argentina = 阿根廷 (aa3 gan1 ting4)


Egypt = 埃及 (aai1 kap6)

South Africa = 南非 (naam4 fei1)

Madagascar = 馬達加斯加 (maa5 daat6 gaa1 si1 gaa1)

Kenya = 肯尼亞 (hang2 nei4 ngaa3)


UK/GB = 英國 (jing1 gwok3)

France = 法國 (faat3 gwok3)

Germany = 德國 (dak1 gwok3)

Russia = 俄羅斯 (ngo4 lo4 si1)

Spain = 西班牙 (sai1 baan1 ngaa4)

Italy = 意大利 (ji3 daai6 lei6)


China = 中國 (zung1 gwok3)

And because we are learning Cantonese,

Hong Kong = 香港 (hoeng1 gong2)

Japan = 日本 (jat6 bun2)

South Korea = 南韓 (naam4 hon4)

India = 印度 (jan3 dou6)

The Philippines = 菲律賓 (fei1 leot6 ban1)


Australia = 澳洲 (ou3 zau1)

New Zealand = 新西蘭 (san1 sai1 laan4)

Malaysia = 馬來西亞 (maa5 loi4 sai1 ngaa3)

Thank you for reading this. Questions (especially if I've either omitted an important country or a country should not be in a certain continent) are welcome!

February 10, 2017



Wow, I see some of them are really different to Mandarin.
我係啊根廷人 so 多謝!
And I think 臺灣 and尼日利亞 are important too (I don't know how to say them in Canto XD)
And of course, congratulations for your Polish tree!


I thought of that when I typed Argentina ;)

Taiwan and Nigeria (toi4 waan1 and nay4 jat6 nay3 aa3 respectively)? I won't add those on this post, but in the exercise that follows I will provide a link of countries of the world for those interested.

Thank you Ciro... Ukrainian next? :)


You're welcome!
I actually think I will complete the English for Chinese speakers tree before Ukrainian.



Congratulations on your Polish tree! I was wondering, how would you say the following countries that are not above (just out of interest):

<sub>Norway </sub>Bhutan <sub>Ireland </sub>Switzerland ~Greece

Also, I think Italy is a pretty important country in Europe too:)



Thank you Alec :)

Here are the translations (I don't know about Bhutan, sorry) in Cantonese along with the Jyutping:

Norway: 挪威 (no4 wai1)

Ireland: 愛爾蘭 (ngoi3 ji5 laan4)

Switzerland: 瑞士 (seoi6 si6)

Greece: 希臘 (hei1 laap6)

I have added Italy to the post now!


how do you say Denmark?


丹麥 (daan1 mak6) :)

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