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"Anh ấy không đi bơi bởi anh ấy không khoẻ."

Translation:He does not go swimming because he is not well.

February 10, 2017



well, we would say either "not well," "unwell" or "sick." (or "ill.") We would NOT say "not fine."


That's "khỏe" not "khoẻ"


Placement of the tone mark

In syllables where the vowel part consists of more than one vowel (such as diphthongs and triphthongs), the placement of the tone is still a matter of debate.

Generally, there are two methodologies, an "old style" and a "new style". While the "old style" emphasizes aesthetics by placing the tone mark as close as possible to the center of the word (by placing the tone mark on the last vowel if an ending consonant part exists and on the next-to-last vowel if the ending consonant doesn't exist, as in hóa, hủy), the "new style" emphasizes linguistic principles and tries to apply the tone mark on the main vowel (as in hoá, huỷ).

In both styles, when one vowel already has a quality diacritic on it, the tone mark must be applied to it as well, regardless of where it appears in the syllable (thus thuế is acceptable while thúê is not).

In the case of the ươ diphthong, the mark is placed on the ơ. The u in qu is considered part of the consonant.

Currently, the new style is usually used in textbooks published by Nhà Xuất bản Giáo dục, while most people still prefer the old style in casual uses. And among Overseas Vietnamese communities, the old style is predominant for all purposes.


He doesn't go swimming because he is not well.


Would be accept.... he does not go to swim because he is not fine .


I have so much trouble trying to translate these sentences into something that duolingo will accept that I don't know if I am learning anything. Most of it translates into odd sounding English


A lot of times it is not about learning Vietnamese. It is about guessing what answer Duolingo will accept.


...or healthy?


Not well is correct duo is definitely wrong here! chill all


"He does not go swimming because he is not fine." Garbage English. Native speakers say "not well."


The word "because" is missing in the choice of words.


He is not going swimming because he is not well. Should also be accepted.


"He does not go swim because he is not well" -- should be accepted, and it's not.


Anh ấy không đi bơi bởi vì anh ấy không khỏe


Why do we need "bởi vì" instead of just "vì"? I thought "vì" was accepted as "because" in other lessons. Is there a difference?


My question also


Yeah I'm puzzled why bởi is repeated


bơi to swim ≠ bởi vì because (= tại vì)

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