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  5. "She is a woman."

"She is a woman."

Translation:Sie ist eine Frau.

February 22, 2013

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Why is it 'eine Frau' and 'ein Mädchen'? Their both feminine, right?


Because Mädchen is a diminutive. That's why it's neutral. Every word that ends with chen is neutral because it's a diminutive.


What is the difference between bist and ist? Du bist and Sie ist?


The verbs are conjugated differently depending on the noun. For example, in English you would say "I am" or "You are" or "She is". While all the verbs mean the same thing, they look and sound differently because of their pronoun. In German, it is the same idea.

I am = Ich bin

You are = Du bist

We are = Wir sind

He/She/It is = Er/sie/es ist


Why sie ist and not sie sind? It's been decades since I was exposed to German, but I recall asking people, "Sind sie Deutsch?" Was that incorrect?


sie ist = she is

sie (lower case) sind = they are

Sie (upper case) sind = you are (formal, addressing one or more people)

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